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Please forward your resume to the contact in your region


Over the years Sun World has hosted interns from various countries and we remain committed to an active internship program to further advance the knowledge about our varieties and continue to build relationships with our licensees.


What: Table Grape Internship

When: July 8 - August 23, 2019

Where: Bakersfield, California Variety Development Center

Apply Before: 15 March 2019


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This year we will have a 7-week internship, starting July 8 and going to August 23. That will allow the intern to participate in both the early grape field day and the licensee field day in August. The intern will also harvest fruit, take commercial test data, help with rootstock trials, and evaluate the first commercial harvest of varieties such as; Sugrafortynine, Sugrafiftytwo, and Sugrafiftythree in Arvin, California.


One table grape internship will be awarded for the 2019 season.


  • Provide a rich comprehensive learning experience for those interested in further developing a career in the fruit industry.

  • Increase experience with Sun World's proprietary table grape varieties and varieties in the pipeline.

  • Build solid relationships with Sun World Innovations staff and Sun World's licensing growers and marketer.

  • To create first-hand awareness among licensees of Sun World’s breeding, technical support, and commercial operations.

  • Gain experience of the California fruit industry.

  • Help support and develop the next generation of industry leaders.

The objectives of the program are to:

Margarito in his Limo July 2017.jpg
  • Primary experience will be working with Sun World’s table grape breeding and commercial testing program.

  • Work will be conducted in the field and on post-harvest operations associated mainly with commercial field trials.

  • ​Harvest and collect commercial test data, help with rootstock trials, and help evaluate the first commercial harvest of the following varieties; Sugrafortynine, Sugrafiftytwo, and Sugrafiftythree.

  • The intern will work with the Sun World breeding program staff, commercial production managers, and quality assurance personnel.

  • Part take in the early field in July's, featuring Sun World's exciting new varieties and the August Licensing Field day.​

What you can expect to do

School Application
  • Applicant must be associated with and referred by a Sun World marketer, nursery or grower licensee outside the United States.

  • Applicant must be 21 years of age or older. 

  • Applicants must forward a current resume, complete with age, contact, education, and employment information, as well as a referral from a current Sun World licensee.

  • Resumes must be forwarded to the proper licensing manager specific to your region by the application deadline. - see contact information below.

  • Selected individual will be instructed on a work visa application process.

  • Note that the selected applicant will be subject to pre-employment drug screening upon arriving at Sun World.

Application Criteria & Information

Dollar Bills


  • Housing, vehicle, and phone provided by Sun World Innovations.

  • Stipend: US$3500 for seven week period ($500/wk)

  • The intern will be responsible for airfare and other travel costs associated with travel to and from the USA.



Please send your resume to the contact person in your region



Carolina Uquillas




Maurizio Ventura




Garth Swinburn




Adam Knoll




Petri van der Merwe



South Africa

Dirk Burger




Hovav Weksler


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